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Safety Policy for COVID19

  • We thoroughly wash our hands before handling products
  • Workstation counter is sterilized with Clorox wipes.
  • We often use hand-sanitizer with high percentage of alcohol when leaving arriving from work-station.
  • Frequently we use Clorox bleach mixed with Ajax dish liquid for counter-tops at work station as well. 
  • When arriving back from the public, we disinfect the air with our air-spray mixture: water, peppermint oil, lemon oil, and tea tree oil. (this mixture prevent germs, others may try this also, no chemicals added).
  • We definitely wear our face mask in public at every establishment..  
  • Standing about 10 feet away from others when in public.
  • Our temperature is taken when going to government buildings or others that require it.
  • We are still practicing quarantine guidelines.
  • Most surely we practice prevention of the virus by our consumption of herbal tonic drinks that are homemade. (maintaining a strong immune system)
  • Other tips we practice to clear the throat at home: gargle sea salt water mixture (half teaspoon into 4-8 oz. water) before bed at night, soothe the throat with menthol cough drops or peppermint candy during the day.
  • This policy isn't a recommendation for others, these are just our safety precautions.

Thank you and enjoy Brina Organics