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Chickpea Hair Growth Serum, Longer Hair Formula 8 oz., Brina Organics

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Chickpea Hair Growth Serum

(8 oz. = two 4 oz. bottle)

Longer Hair Formula


  • Contains magnesium which boosts hair follicle production for your hair growth success.
  • Contains folate which reduces premature gray hair from producing.
  • Contains potassium which awakens dormant hair follicles.
  • Thicken your hair, reduces spits, and properly adds nourishment to the hair and scalp.


This hair serum may be placed in the fridge overnight for next-day use. Apply a moderate amount to clean damped hair. Also, massage a small amount onto the scalp for a few seconds. This serum is a leave-in.


Chickpeas juice, Organic clove, Organic shea nut oil, Organic pro-vitamin b5, Chickpeas, Organic honey, Organic cinnamon, Preservative (no parabens), and Coconut cream pie scent.

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DISCLAIMER - The natural ingredients in our products are beneficial for hair growth, scalp, and skincare. If you're allergic to any ingredients in this product reconsider using it. If you're not sure, do a 24-hour patch test on the skin. We're not liable, so discontinue use if you're allergic to any of these natural ingredients. Most of Brina Organics products are organic/natural, Enjoy.