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Chocolate Sea Moss & Bamboo Hair Milk, also Co-Wash Conditioner BESTSELLER, Brina Organics

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Natural Hair Conditioner also Co-Wash 

Chocolate Sea Moss & Bamboo Hair Milk

4 oz. - 16 oz.


This natural hair conditioner has 70% silica which is due to the bamboo botanical extract. Silica coats the hair reduces shedding, thickens thin hair, and keeps your hair healthy. This product strengthens hair, reduces spit ends, provides luster, softens hair, stimulates hair growth, and provides moisture.

Also available with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for Co-Wash 🍃


Apply to clean hair and scalp. Rub a tablespoon-sized amount onto damped hair. Style hair as desired. 

🍃Co-washing instructions - Rub a moderate amount on your hair section by section. Form the hair into medium-sized twists hairstyle. Allow this hair milk to stay on the hair for 10-20 minutes. Saturate hair with water and massage water into the scalp while rinsing the product out as well. When co-washing do this regimen for 2-6 months and return to shampooing when needed.


Caribbean Sea Moss Botanical, 100% Pure Bamboo Shoot Extract, 100% Pure Natural Cocoa, Organic Babassu Oil (Brazil), Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Vegetable Emulsifier, Organic Mango Butter, Preservative (paraben-free), Spring Water, Organic vegetable emulsifier, Silk Amino Acids and Provitamin B5.

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DISCLAIMER - The natural ingredients in our products are beneficial for hair growth, scalp, and skincare. If you're allergic to any ingredients in this product reconsider using it. If you're unsure, do a 24-hour patch test on the skin. We're not liable, so discontinue use if you're allergic to any of these natural ingredients. Most of Brina Organics products are organic/natural, Enjoy.