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Pinetar & Biotin Shampoo Bar, Peppermint Infused, Brina Organics

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Pinetar & Biotin Shampoo Bar 3.5 oz.

Peppermint Infused



  • Hair flourishing
  • Scalp soothing
  • Refreshing
  • Herbal scalp care
  • Pinetar benefits
  • Biotin benefits



Saturate the hair with water, and massage the pinetar shampoo bar into your scalp. Once you've gained a nice lather, begin to massage the scalp with your fingers for a few seconds. Rinse hair with cool water, and follow with a conditioner (if you choose).

This shampoo bar can be placed back in the pouch once you finished shampooing your hair. The pouch will keep the shampoo bar dry between washes. 🍃



Organic Pintar (100% Pure), Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Biotin (B7), Organic Vegetable Glycerin Saponification, and Organic Peppermint Oil.

Enjoy your purchase, thank you.

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DISCLAIMER - The natural ingredients in our products are beneficial for hair, scalp, and skincare. If you're allergic to any ingredients in this product reconsider using it. If you're not sure, do a 24-hour patch test on the skin. We're not liable, so discontinue use if you're allergic to any of these natural ingredients. Most of Brina Organics products are organic/natural, Enjoy. Invest in your hair with Brina Organics