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Wholesale Private Label, Herbal Hair Growth Infusion, 143 oz. is 1 Jug

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Herbal Hair Growth Infusion

Brina Organics - Wholesale Private Label

Ingredients: Organic Chebe Herb, Organic Saw Palmetto Berry, Organic Bhringraj Herb (Ayurvedic), Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Preservative (paraben-free), and Berry Scent Oil.


* Proper hair growth
* Maintain length retention
* Conditions hair
* Smooth serum
* Can be applied to the scalp as well
* Weight 143 oz. = 1 jug

Pour this herbal infusion into bottle-sizes of your choice. Put your own brand on labels, name your product, stick labels to the bottles, price them, and sell them on any website you choose.

  • This 143 oz. = 16 (8 oz. bottles) for hair
  • 143 oz. = 21 (6 oz. bottles) for hair
  • 143 oz. = 32 (4 oz. bottles) for hair
  • 143 oz. = 64 (2oz. bottles) for scalp

    Instructions - apply a fair amount to the hair after shampooing as a leave-in. And then style hair as usual.

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