14 Ways on How to Grow Hairline Edges Faster

14 Ways on How to Grow Hairline Edges Faster

Some Black women hair edges sometimes get thinner due to certain hair products and hairstyles. Hair edges may eventually get thinner or bald when wearing tight hairstyles frequently, which pulls the edges and adds stress to the temple area. The ponytail hairstyles that are also in braids may put stress on hair edges. When wearing braids avoid wearing a ponytail with the braids, because it will pull the hair edges and the edges will eventually get thinner.

The hair edges are the most sensitive part of the hair, and the edges have to be treated gently. If hair gets bald on the edges it could be considered alopecia, and a Dermatologist may have to prescribe a medication. Avoiding alopecia on the hair edges can be accomplished by: not wearing chemical hair perms, tight hairstyles along the edges, and wearing hair gels that contain alcohol.

Putting chemical hair perms in the hair frequently will eventually assist with making the hair edges fall out by the root of the hair. Hair perms contain the same ingredients as "liquid drain openers," which make the hair thinner in order to relax it.

14 Ways on How to Grow Hairline Edges Faster

  1. Wash hair with "organic herbal shampoos"
  2. Use deep-conditioners on hair 
  3. Use an organic leave-in conditioners
  4. Massage your hair-line with organic scalp oils
  5. Take liquid vitamins for quicker hair growth
  6. Consume real fruit juice drinks
  7. Drink 8 bottles of water 4-6 times daily
  8. Practice a diet that's plant- based
  9. Avoid chemical hair coloring
  10. Avoid sugary foods and drinks
  11. Eat and drink foods high in vitamin C
  12. Do physical exercise 10-40 minutes once or twice a day, for cardio health
  13. Wear fabric headbands on hairline edges after applying an organic hair product (great wearing before bed at night.
  14. Proper daily breathing exercises, inhale and exhale 

Organic Products That Make Hairline Edges Grow

  • Organic Shampoos
  • Organic Leave-in Conditioners
  • Organic Clove Hair Growth Elixir
  • Organic Hair Food Smoothies
  • Organic Scalp Tonics
  • Organic Scalp/Hair Serums
  • Organic Scalp Oils
  • Organic Hair Cream Moisturizers
  • Etc.

At bedtime, it's a good idea to apply the organic hair cream and then put on a fabric headband around the hairline edges. This holds the treatment on the edges as it marinates and acts as a fertilizer under the headband overnight. Do this treatment every night before bed, and you will eventually notice a difference in your hair edge growth. You will notice a difference in progress in about 3 months.

Wearing braided hairstyles does not cause hairline edges to thin-out; braids actually help hair to grow due to it being a protective style. But just make sure the braids that are around the edges are not too tight or sectioned small. Actually, when forming braids around the hairline, section the braids in larger squares. Ponytail wig pieces and holding gel are a bad combination, this will definitely make the hair edges come right out of the scalp (if this style is worn too often).

African Americans who wear their natural hair are more likely to not have their edges fall out by the roots. When wearing the hair naturally and without perms, the hair and edges have a better chance of growing stronger, longer, and of course healthier.

Also using a silky fabric pillow case on your pillow at bed-time will assist with less hair breakage and dryness. When wearing hair weaves, avoid tight threading and pulling the edges, this adds stress to the temple line. When you treat your hair edges with gentle care, your hair edges will began to grow follicles.

Children Hairline Edges

Putting tight ponytails on young girls can also lead to thinning hair edges. Avoid making ponytail rubber bands tight on the temple-line area; this will prevent alopecia in young girls. Also, avoid putting chemical hair perms in young Black girls’ hair, their natural hair is beautiful and healthier (let's protect their edges). 

Always loosen the rubber bands, barrettes, and braids when doing girls' hairstyles. Introduce them to natural hairstyles such as Braid outs, Cornrows, Afro puffs, Two-strand Twists, Individual Braids, Etc. 

Thank you, Peace

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