7 Things You Need for 360 Waves

7 Things You Need for 360 Waves

  • Brush - Get a hand brush (one without a handle), either hard or medium depending on your hair texture. Newbies or those with coarse hair will need a hard brush.
  • Du-rag - This is crucial, wear it every night.
  • Organic shampoo - keeps dandruff away for maintains moisture for your hair. 
  • Organic leave-in conditioner -  helps maintain moisture and 360 waves.
  • Organic pomade or moisturizers - 360-style is popular. Use pomade only occasionally, and only when you're starting out. Organic hair moisturizers is another way to form waves.
  • Low haircut for forming 360 waves.
  • Hair Growth Tonic - refreshing hydrate spray


  1. Get a short haircut and edge up. Coarse hair can wave at shorter lengths than straight or medium hair. Don't let the barber cut your hair too low. Tell him you still want it thick—you shouldn't be able to see your scalp.
  2. Brush your hair for 1–2 minutes with a wave brush.
  3. Use a good moisturizer on your hair.
  4. Put a washcloth in running hot water, squeeze some water from the rag, and then place the hot washcloth on top of your hair and wipe down. You can also wet a washcloth or towel and heat it up in the microwave to get it hot enough.
  5. Repeat the hot water process for the sides and back of your hair as well.
  6. You can also brush your hair right after shampooing and conditioning in the shower. This is when your hair is softest. Just add a moisturizer and skip the hot towel part.
  7. Find the point on your head where a cowlick forms, and brush out from that point to the front, sides, and back, not missing any part of your head.
  8. Brush for at least 20 strokes to every side of your head, or about 15–30 minutes.
  9. Place a wave cap or du-rag onto your head afterwards for 30 minutes, and brush again after you take it off. Make sure you sleep with the du-rag on to keep your waves from getting messed up.
  10. It may take up to 6 weeks for waves to appear, so try to repeat this process mentioned above daily to train your hair to form deep 360 waves.
  11. Maintain your waves through regular brushing. If your waves start going away, you're probably not brushing enough. The waves are a result of you training your hair to lay down on your head. It takes practice and patience!
  12. Avoid washing your hair too much. Some wash once a week or even every other week. Just rinse your hair instead.


  1. When in the shower, brush the shampoo into your hair with warm water, going in the direction of the waves.
  2. After shampoo-brushing your hair, rinse with cool water.
  3. The best shampoos to use for hair waves are herbal, conditioning, and protein-rich ones.
  4. Make sure you brush your hair afterwards.

Use Pomade Sparingly

  • Using pomades produces buildup and flakes.
  • Most pomade wave products contain heavy petroleum, which makes hair waves feel gooey and gummy.
  • Also, they may clog hair pores and cause acne on the face and upper back. They may even potentially cause a receding hairline if you frequently wear fitted baseball caps.
  • If you use pomade, only do it sparingly and only to get your waves started.

Using hair creams that contain shea butter and essential oils is healthier. Your wave products should feel light on the hair—not thick and heavy, which causes flaky build-up. The only time that you should brush the waves is after applying a hair cream or a moist hot rag, or when shampooing.

More Tips for Maintaining Your Waves

  • Only brush when hair is moist. One thing to avoid is brushing the hair while it is dry. Only brush when moisturizer has been applied to the waves.
  • You don't need to brush too much. Some men brush 3–8 hours a day. Strange, isn't it? But that isn't necessary. In fact, too much brushing can cause the hair to get thinner, and it makes it feel like the individual is brushing more scalp than hair. The idea is to get waves—thick, healthy-looking hair. You won't do that by over-brushing the cuticles.
  • Take vitamins. Taking care of hair goes further than just applying products. A good tip for good healthy hair is to take biotin. Multivitamins and biotin supplements can be purchased at a local pharmacy. Biotin is known for making hair thicker and healthier.
  • Get a good brush. A good one to buy is the 100% Boar Bristles Diane brush, or another wave brush brand of your choice. It's a good idea to have both a hard bristle and a soft bristle brush.
  • Be patient. It can take 6–8 weeks or less for some men to form deep 360 waves.
  • Combing and brushing. Once you have established deep waves, you can use a wave comb to comb your style. The soft brush is also for when your waves are established and already formed. Avoid sharing your brushes and combs with other people for sanitary reasons. It's good to wash your brushes and combs in hot water and soap every two days.
  • Avoid using chemical perm. Good news: Black men's hair is naturally curly. This is why it should be easy to train it to form deep waves.
  • Use your hands instead of a brush when hair is dry. Rubbing the waves with the palm of your hands when the hair is dry is better, rather than brushing the hair when it's dry.
  • Using excessive amounts of hair products is not necessary. Just using a good conditioning moisturizer is all you need.
  • Help formation by using a wave cap, durag, or stocking cap. It's only necessary to wear a wave cap when the hair is wet, damped, newly moisturized, or when going to bed. Wave caps don't have to be worn out in public unless you're new to forming waves. But if you already have waves, it's okay to let the hair get some air in public and to leave the cap at home.
  • Trim regularly. Some men go to a barbershop to get their short haircut, or some might cut their own with clippers at home. Cut hair every 4–5 weeks for coarse hair.
  • Most wave moisturizers can be found at beauty supply stores or local pharmacies. Once you find out which moisturizers work for you, continue to use them. The products that work for one person's hair may not work for your hair or skin. Learn your own hair type, and when you find out which products are better for you in making deep waves, continue to use them.

Avoid Chemical Perms or Curl Kits

This can't be said enough: Avoid using chemical perms or kits to form wave styles. When your hair forms shiny healthy waves without chemicals, it will give you confidence with the look of your hair.

Perms contain the same ingredients as a liquid drain opener—these very harsh chemicals can lead to premature balding. Also avoid letting other toxins get into your hair, such as cigarette smoke.

Wearing your own natural hair is a healthier choice, plus your 360 waves will begin to look "swagalicious." Many ladies like to see a man who's well groomed with a sexy wave haircut.

Preventing Potential Acne Caused by Brushing

Brushing waves and using hair products can lead to mild acne symptoms. Acne can form on the forehead, upper back, and back of the neck. To prevent, this you may want to use an acne astringent toner with 100% cotton balls. Wipe the forehead, upper back, and back of the neck with cotton and acne treatment. Also, as mentioned, avoid using greasy pomades.

Some people may want to use a small hand mirror to see the back of their hair, by using another mirror in front of them at the same time.

Remember, waves have to maintain moisture and luster most of the time. Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to comment with any questions below.

Thank you, peace

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